Re-creation of Heritage Glass Globe

Lynden and his team have successfully re-created a heritage glass globe that was installed on top of a WWI Memorial Beacon. The restored monument now sits near the end of Albert Street in Auckland.

The original glass orb was put in downtown Auckland after the start of the Gallipoli campaign to symbolically guide soldiers home from war. It was first lit on December 17, 1915, while troops were being evacuated as a beacon of hope and a safe return. The monument was erected on downtown Auckland's waterfront. But sometime in the late 1960s or 1970s, it was put into storage to make way for the Downtown Shopping Complex. The large concrete obelisk was eventually rediscovered years later in 1999, in a shed at the Ports of Auckland. But the ornate ironwork spire and crucial glass orb have never been seen since. It was placed nearby in 2000, but with much of it missing. The monument is now back on the waterfront with most of its original concrete base decorated with the names of those who went to war. On top of that lies a brand new replica orb and spire.

Many thanks to DPA Architects for the great collaboration.