How Glassblowing is Done

Ever wondered how glassblowing is done? Find out at Lava Glass studio! Glassblowing is mesmerizing and seeing the glass artists at work is not an everyday experience. The glassblowing in our studio takes place every day from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. Come and watch master glass artist Lynden Over and our resident artists craft individual pieces of art – each different from the last.

Lynden Over Glassblowing Lava Glass

Admission Fee Glassblowing Studio

$12.50 per person
40 per family*
*family - 2 x adults 2 x children, under 5 years free.
additional tickets - $10 p.p. individual

Lava Glass Studio Coloured Glass

Glassblowing Equipment

Lynden Over handmade all the kilns and furnaces in our glassblowing studio. That way he ensured that the equipment suits his specific requirements. The furnace at Lava Glass has a capacity to hold 90 litres of molten glass.

Once a week we cook new clear glass to top up the glass supply in our furnace. The pre-cooked glass is melted down over a period of 5 -6 hours then held at 1300 degrees Celsius for 13 hours to ensure the melt becomes pure.

Lynden Over Glassblowing Studio Lava Glass

Glassblowing Process

Our furnace stays at a temperature of 1060 degrees Celsius all year round. It is never turned off unless maintenance on the pot (tank of glass) is required. Many art glass pieces are started off by gathering some clear glass out of the furnace. The glass is then blown, sculpted and coloured.

Every glass piece at Lava Glass is handcrafted, which makes them an individual piece of art.

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