Honey Jars For Mars ZH21 Limited Reserve

To infinity and beyond

Welcome to Mars ZH21, Zealandia Honey’s 2021 Limited Reserve.

There are only 50 units of this extraordinary mānuka honey, which has an MGO rating of 1717+ making it one of the highest grade mānuka honeys in the world.

This years Limited Reserve honey was harvested in 2019 from a secret location in Northland. As it matures its MGO rating has steadily increased. With these rare rich harvests of mānuka honey, the MGO rating continues to increase as the honey matures, like a whisky or a fine wine.

Why Mars?

By naming their Limited Reserve Mars ZH21, Zealandia are paying homage to Mars missions with the finest mānuka honey in the world. Zealandia head of communications, Sri Govindaraju explains, “Curiosity has always been the defining characteristic of our species. We dream big. Once we explored Earth’s oceans in waka. Today we build frail coracles of titanium and hurl them into space. When astronauts return from space, they have a new sense of wonder at how precious and fragile our Earth is. So, as we explore Mars’ distant deserts, it makes sense that we also celebrate one of the finest natural treasures of Earth. Because from the dawn of humanity to our evolution into space, bees have made our life sweeter.”

Extraordinary Glass Jar

This is no ordinary honey, so we’ve given it no ordinary jar. It is made from hand blown glass by Taupō glass artist Lynden Over of Lava Glass. Christine Robb and Lynden Over have been working on the Mars jar prototype for over six months. Lynden explains, “The development phase of a complex piece like this is quite drawn out. It’s technically challenging and there’s a lot of problem solving, which we love.”

The round form of the honey container is based on Mars and its two moons. Deep layers of rich rust glass represent the red surface of Mars and complement the lush gold of the honey. Each jar will be accompanied with a stainless-steel precision engineered spoon which doubles as a honey dipper. The jar is sealed with an ingenious natural cork stopper. The jar is mounted on a wooden stand carved from swamp kauri by Waitahanui woodturner Robbie Graham.

Where Can You Buy Mars ZH21?

There are 275 grams of Limited Reserve mānuka honey in each limited-edition jar.

Each jar costs $8,888 NZD or $6,200 USD. The figure eight on its side is the infinity symbol, so the price for the honey reflects both the exceptional quality of the honey, the value of the artwork it is packaged in, and the limitless infinity of space.

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