Celebrating Success: Christine and Lynden Shine at the 2024 GAS Conference in Berlin

Christine and Lynden recently attended the 2024 Glass Art Society (GAS) conference held in Berlin, an event that gathers glass artists from around the globe. This year’s conference was hosted at Wilhelm Hallen, an old steel foundry transformed into a vibrant creative hub. Among the many highlights of the event, Christine and Lynden's work stood out in a significant way.

Their exquisite piece, the 'Golden Tree Paperweight,' earned second place in the GAS Green Exhibition 'TRACE 2024: An Exploration of Sustainable Art'. TRACE, launched in 2021, is an annual digital exhibition that showcases how artists incorporate sustainability into their practices. Overseen by the GAS Green Task Force, this exhibition is a remarkable platform for artists to present their work without the environmental costs associated with shipping and travel.

The 2024 edition of TRACE received submissions from 18 different countries, highlighting the global commitment to sustainable glass art. The diversity in entries, spanning techniques such as kiln forming, pâte de verre, furnace working, and flameworking, underscores the universal importance of sustainability in the glassmaking community. As Brandi P. Clark, the GAS Executive Director, remarked, “The need to be more sustainable has reached all facets of the glass community.”

Christine and Lynden's achievement in this esteemed exhibition not only reflects their exceptional talent but also their dedication to sustainable practices in glass art. The 'Golden Tree Paperweight' is a testament to their innovative approach and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Their success in the TRACE 2024 exhibition is a proud moment, showcasing their artistic excellence and reinforcing the importance of sustainability in the arts. As they continue to inspire with their beautiful and environmentally conscious creations, Christine and Lynden are undoubtedly making a lasting impact on the global glass art community.