How To Take Care Of Blown Glass Art

Often we get asked how to take care of blown glass art. Well, here are a few handy tips. Unless otherwise stated, the recommendations apply to both shiny and etched/ sandblasted glass art. Scroll down to learn how to clean your glass art without damaging the pieces. Please use these instructions as a guide only to take care of your precious glass art. Abide by any manufacturer instructions.

Dry Cleaning

  • Use care when handling glass works – and two hands!
  • Make sure your hands are clean but don’t wear gloves, which may be slippery
  • Pick up all glass art by the base
  • Loosen the dust with a soft brush or use a lint-free microfiber cloth

Water & Detergents

  • Use a damp lint-free cloth to wipe glass art after dry dusting
  • Thicker items can be washed gently in lukewarm water with neutral soap
  • Do not use ammonia, cream cleaners or any harsh chemicals to clean shiny glass art. Aggressive detergents can damage the surface and leave an irreversible patchy, cloudy or milky effect
  • Cream cleaners can be used on etched or sandblasted glass to remove some scratches or marks


  • After washing dry your artwork thoroughly with a soft cloth because minerals in water leave a residue which can damage and leave spots on the glass art

Do not…

  • … wash two pieces together as they may get scratched or damaged in the process
  • … put extremely hot or cold liquid into your glass as this may cause it to crack
  • … put your glass art in a dishwasher
  • … use aerosol cleaners on glass art