Our Carbonzero Journey

Lava Glass is committed to carbon neutrality by 2021. We will do this by undertaking a number of initiatives and procedures to ensure we adopt the very best practice for our environment. We are constantly looking for ways to actively adopt and participate in initiatives that lead to better sustainability. We are working towards an official Toitū Envirocare accreditation.

Planting Trees
We've already planted 1000 Manuka trees on-site at Lava Glass. We've also purchased a 100 ha block of land to plant native trees solely to sequester carbon.

Recycling & Reducing Waste
We have already reduced our waste by over 75%. Our café staff composts organic waste. Paper is being separated and recycled. We recycle our glass offcuts in paperweights, wall panels and other glass art designs.

Reducing Plastic
We are focusing on reducing the use of plastic throughout the business. To reduce the use of bubble wrap we are wrapping smaller glass pieces in eco-friendly paper Greenwrap. Plastic drinking straws in our café have been replaced with paper versions. We now use eco-ware wooden recycled cutlery for takeaway orders.

We drive electric cars and are looking at installing an EV charging station at Lava Glass. Our gardener maintains our sculpture garden with an electric ride-on lawnmower. Electric power options are currently being researched for future furnaces in the glassblowing studio. When new appliances are purchased, their energy efficiency rating is considered to be a very important element in the selection process.